Taiwan Flour Millers Team

The Taiwan Flour Millers Team visited Northern Crops Institute (NCI) today to learn more about the 2014 HRS wheat crop. The team is accompanied by U. S. Wheat Associates Country Director Ronald Lu. They met with NDSU wheat experts, including HRS breeder Mohamed Mergoum; and DeLane Olsen, HRS Research Specialist. Erica Olsen, N.D. Wheat Commission, presented the 2014 outlook for the U.S. HRS wheat crop. They toured NCI, hosted by NCI Director Mark Weber, and the Alton Grain Terminal, hosted by Mark Wild. “This visit will help us demonstrate the quality of the U.S. hard red spring (HRS), hard red winter (HRW) and soft white wheat these millers want to produce flour for healthy wheat foods,” said USW Country Director Ronald Lu. “The millers are also looking forward to learning more about U.S. hard white (HW) wheat. They currently can only import Australian white wheat that is specifically positioned for use in noodle flour and they hope to encourage farmers and grain handlers in the United States to produce more HW.” Over the past 10 years, U.S. wheat represented nearly 80 percent of Taiwan’s imports with a value estimated at more than $360 million in marketing year 2013/14 (June to May), according to USW.