Need to test an ingredient or get assistance with product/process development? Let us assist you.

Pilot-scale processing at Northern Crops Institute (NCI) might be your solution. NCI staff are experienced in working with food processing and ingredient suppliers, small to large.Our technical staff has experience in extrusion, post-extrusion, milling, baking, and feed manufacturing. NCI staff has assisted in developing fresh/precooked/frozen pasta, noodles, cous-cous, expanded snacks, texturized foods, imitation extruded foods, ready-to-eat cereals (expanded and flaked), expanded snack foods, animal feed, and industrial products from food grade materials. Our staff will also travel worldwide to assist in uses of northern-grown crops.

Getting started:

1. Contact us to discuss proposed processing.
2. A confidentiality agreement can be signed at the time of discussion, if desired.
3. A meeting or conference call with appropriate personnel will determine feasibility of processing (depends on company’s needs, NCI staff expertise, processing equipment and time frame).
4. Work can be conducted solely by NCI staff or in conjunction with your technical staff.
5. Memorandum of understanding detailing all activities and charges must be signed prior to initiation of a project.
6. Processing will be conducted in a timely manner on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Northern Crops Institute offers:

Reasonable service fees
Complete services, including purchase of ingredients (specialty ingredients are supplied by client—other ingredients provided at cost)
Laboratory for proprietary use (upon approval)