Greg Kessel Chair, Northern Crops Council

Greg Kessel
Chair, Northern Crops Council

Mark Jirik, Director Northern Crops Institute

Mark Jirik, Director Northern Crops Institute

Funding and Partnerships come in many forms at NCI—foremost, through funding from the state legislatures of North Dakota, South Dakota, and Minnesota, and checkoff funding from agricultural commodity groups representing producers in these three states and Montana. NCI also partners on a worldwide level with USDA/FAS, US Wheat Associates, USA Pea and Lentil Association, US Grains Council and other professional groups to educate buyers and promote regional crops to buyers around the world.


NCI is governed by the Northern Crops Council in conjunction with North Dakota State University. The Northern Crops Council consists of:

  •  President of North Dakota State University
  •  North Dakota Commissioner of Agriculture
  •  North Dakota Wheat Commission representative
  •  North Dakota Oilseed Council representative
  •  North Dakota Barley Council representative
  •  North Dakota Soybean Council representative
  •  Five to seven producers of northern crops
  •  Up to four representatives of industries that process northern crops


NCI's Industry Advisory Board (IAB) provides advice to NCI on educational programming and technical services. IAB draws its members from the agricultural supply and processing industry and the grain trade in Minnesota, Montana, North Dakota and South Dakota.

The Northern Crops Advisory Board has representatives from most of the regional commodity groups and other interested parties in agriculture.