Six Participants from Across the Region Attend Barley to Beer: A Field Perspective Course

The Northern Crops Institute (NCI) hosted 6 participants from the region for the Barley to Beer: A Field Perspective Course.

The three-day course ran from July 22nd through the 24th, during which participants heard from various speakers, received hands-on experience, and got to tour barley fields.

The course was designed to educate participants about growing malt quality barley. Brian Sorenson, NCI Project Manager, said β€œIn order to meet the demands of malt companies, it is very important for producers to understand quality agronomically and learn more about farming practices with barley.”

Participants were able to see barley production first hand by touring barley fields, and visiting farms that produce barley. This experience demonstrated how challenging it is to continue producing barley year after year and keeping up with quality standards for the malt industry with fluctuating conditions, such as rain fall, varying each year.

This course would not have been possible without help from the North Dakota Barley Council and the Institute of Malt Barley Sciences.

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