Rheology of Wheat and Flour Quality course

Six participants from United Arab Emirates (UAE) and United States are attending the Rheology of Wheat and Flour Quality course this week at Northern Crops Institute. They will learn about wheat quality and how to analyze, interpret, and apply rheological results effectively. Each participant will have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience with the rheological instruments. They are focusing on tests for dough strength, viscosity, gluten content, falling number, flour color, ash content, moisture, starch damage, and texture analysis. Equipment training includes the Buhler lab mill, SD-Matic, Alveograph, Mixolab, RVA, Farinograph, Extensograph, TA-XT Plus, and C-Cell Technology. Hands-on baking sessions help participants understand the impact of flour quality on baked products and baking performance, and how to perform tests to evaluate the baked product’s quality.