WQC Hard Spring and Durum Tour

Fifty-three representatives from U.S. wheat industry visited more than 400 wheat fields in North Dakota and South Dakota over the past three days during the WQC Hard Spring and Durum Tour this week. They gathered at NCI to report their findings today. According to Steve Mercer, U.S. Wheat Associates, the tour reported an estimated weighted average yield of 48.3 bushels per acre (bu/a) or 3.25 metric. Final weighted average estimate of the HRS crop yield potential in North Dakota under current conditions is 48.6 bu/a (3.27 MT/h), an all-time record high if realized. For durum in North Dakota, current yield potential is 36.6 bu/a ( 2.46 MT/h), down from last year’s prediction of 41.7 bu/a (2.81 MT/h). Current yield potential for HRW in North Dakota is 44.0 bu/a (2.96 MT/h), down from 53.5 bu/a (3.60 MT/h) projected during last year’s tour.