Minnesota Corn Research and Promotion Council

Minnesota Corn Research & Promotion Council In 1990, the Minnesota Corn Growers Association worked to pass a statewide producer referendum that created the Minnesota Corn Research & Promotion Council. This law provided for 1/2 cent per bushel at the first point of sale, to be collected and used for the promotion, communication and research of Minnesota corn. In 2009, Minnesota corn producers passed a referendum conducted by the Minnesota Department of Agriculture to increase the state corn check-off rate from 1/2 cent to 1 cent per bushel. This effort is targeted at creating opportunities for increased profitability for Minnesota corn. What is the Corn Check-Off? A small fee that is assessed, at the first point of sale, for every bushel of corn sold in Minnesota. What do you get for your investment? A bushel full of research-based information you can use to help make your farming operation more productive, more efficient and more profitable harvest after harvest. The Minnesota Corn Research & Promotion Council (MCR&PC) invests in a wide range of research projects including:

  • Creating new markets
  • Implications of various production systems
  • Better nutrient, tillage, fertilizer, rotation, drainage and insect concerns
  • Ethanol issues
  • Testing and evaluating E20’s compatibility with fuel and engine parts
  • Engineering and breeding technologies
  • Water quality
  • Market perceptions and attitudes toward issues of the day

The MCR&PC also co-funds a variety of National Corn Growers Association research projects and provide co-operative funding to organizations like the Agricultural Utilization Research Institute (AURI) and Minnesota Agricultural Water Resources Coalition (MAWRC). By joining funds and forces with other partner organizations, we’re able to leverage your check-off investment to provide results as efficiently and effectively as possible.