Healthy Baking and Bakery Premixes with U.S. Pea Flour Seminars


David Hahn, Ph.D., NCI Director of Technical Services and Business Development, and Thunyaporn Naggie Jeradechachai, NCI Crop Quality Specialist, traveled to Southeast Asia to present “Healthy Baking and Bakery Premixes with U.S. Pea Flour Seminars,” sponsored by USA Dry Pea and Lentil Council. They lectured and instructed laboratory sessions on sugar-free, high fiber, and gluten-free baking to bakers and flour millers from Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Philippines. After a seminar in Thailand, Hahn and Jeradechachai went to Malaysia to consult with snack and bakery manufacturers on product application of pea flour and provide troubleshooting with their current problems. Thunyaporn continued on to Indonesia to continue the seminars. The trip concluded on November 27, 2013.