Chinese Soybean Industry Association

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A delegation from the Chinese Soybean Industry Association (CSIA) is visiting Northern Crops Institute today, hosted by the U.S Soybean Export Council (USSEC).  The CSIA is a China government-created association of soy-related industries and academic institutions. NCI Director Mark Weber presented an overview of the Northern Crops Institute, regional agriculture, and in particular, the region’s soybean industry.  David Hahn, Ph.D., NCI Director of Technical Services and Business Development explained how the NCI promotes northern-grown crops through the cycle of product development, crop quality attributes, and training courses.  The group also toured the NCI laboratories. The delegation represented: the China Soybean Industry Association; China Academy of Engineering; The State Farm Administration of Heilongjiang Province; National Research Center of Soybean Engineering and Technology; Agricultural College of South China University of Agriculture; Heilongjiang Jiusan Oils Industrial Group; Gushen Biological Science & Technology Group; Hope Full Grains & Oils Group; and the Sinograin Northern Agricultural Co., Ltd. The team was escorted by Paul Burke, North America Regional Director; ZHANG Xiaoping, China Country Director; and ZENG Yantian, Program Assistant, all with the U.S. Soybean Export Council.