Participants from Six Countries Take Part in Pasta Course

The Northern Crops Institute (NCI) hosted 13 participants from six different countries for the Pasta Production from Multiple U.S. Wheat Classes Course

The five-day course ran from July 15th through the 19th, during which participants heard from various speakers, received hands-on experience, and sampled several pasta samples. 

The course was designed to help pasta manufacturers that currently do not use durum wheat to see how U.S. classes of wheat perform when made into pasta. Participants got to work with durum, hard red spring, hard red winter, and hard white wheat. The course aimed to show quality of each class of wheat and help them make better quality pasta as well as find places within their own work where there is potential for improvement.

Through hands on experiences, participants learned that durum pasta made the best quality product with texture, color, and flavor. Participants also learned that all U.S. wheat classes can be used to make pasta.

Along with the training, participants got to attend the Red River Valley Ag Leadership Celebration in Mentor, Minnesota. NCI, in collaboration with Minnesota Wheat, hosted this celebration. The event was to recognize the recent collaboration efforts between North Dakota and Minnesota within the agriculture industry. The celebration had a program of speakers, booths and demonstrations, and plenty of time for attendees to network, eat delicious food, and enjoy live music.

This course would not have been possible without help from the U.S. Wheat Associates.

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