POTATOES are the fourth most important food crop. They are used fresh or processed into a wide array of products. These products include French fries, hashed brown potatoes and other frozen products, potato chips, shoestring potatoes, flakes, granules, diced, prepeeled and canned products, potato pancake mixes, flour, starch, animal feed, and chemicals. One medium fresh potato provides approximately 150 calories and 50% of the recommended daily allowance of Vitamin C, along with Vitamin B6 and fiber. Three main types of potatoes are raised in the region while specialty crops include the new colored varieties and organically raised potatoes. The main use of each type is listed below although each type can be used in various ways.

Red -- A round potato with a distinct red skin. Internal texture is moist with a creamy smoothness. Flavor described as a buttery-rich potato flavor. Used primarily for boiling and baking.

White-- Round to oblong in shape, with a thin, hardy skin that varies in color from buff to light brown. Mainly used for the production of potato chips. Subtle flavor and creamy texture.

Russets-- An oblong-shaped potato with a delicate brown skin netted in appearance. Generally large in size to produce the long french fries desired by consumers. Also used for baking. Flavor described as warm and nutty.