Pilot-Scale Flour Mill

The mill, which was completely renovated in 2009, is capable of milling flour, durum semolina and whole wheat flour.  Pilot-scale or test-scale quantities of bread wheats (Hard Red Spring, Hard Red Winter and Hard White) can be milled into flour for quality and test baking/processing evaluations. 

Pilot Swing Mill

NCI’s pilot-scale mill can process test-scale quantities of flour, durum semolina and whole wheat flour.

Process rate - 180 lbs./hr. wheat to first break. Optimal sample size is 300-400 lbs.  180 pounds minimum with an additional 120 pounds of wheat to warm up the Mill.

Flow diagram designed to simulate performance of commercial wheat mill.              
• Hard wheat target: 75% flour extraction

Durum target: 75% extraction — 55% semolina and flour. 

Cleaning system includes a Buhler Classifier with aspiration, and a Buhler Color Sorter.  Temper using a batch system that allows multiple samples for same-day processing and optimal sample identity.

Mill consists of 18 6-inch Creason roll stands with various grinding actions, a Great Western Sifter, and 3 Buhler purifiers.  Milled product conveyed to the top floor, and gravity fed to the next processing step using Kice pneumatics.

Mill consists of a long break system with five break passages separated into course and fine breaks from 2nd Break with a bran grinding roll.  Purification system includes 3 purifiers divided into 6 purification passages. Reduction system includes 1 Sizing passage and 8 Reduction passage including 2 tailing and 6 middlings.

  • Extraction data reported.
  • Ash, protein, and rheological testing is available upon request.
  • Baking or pasta performance upon request.
  • Mill has a batch flour mixer for flour blending and enrichment addition.
  • Mill has a small bagger for easy packaging of large quantities of flour and semolina.

Buhler MLU-202 Laboratory Flour Mill

The Buhler Lab Mill is a small mill using a six-roll system to make refined flour products. We can mill small samples (2-50 pounds) of: hard red spring wheat, hard white spring wheat, winter wheat, barley, farro, and freekeh.

Fitzmill Hammer Mill

The Fitzmill Hammer Mill is a variable speed hammer mill used to mill or grind ingredients. It cools product with liquid nitrogen and/or cools the main mill housing with a water jacket. It can achieve a wide range of particle sizes by adjusting screen size and mill speed. We have milled: pulse crops (peas, lentils, and dry beans), oilseeds, barley and all classes of wheat. It is a one-pass whole grain mill.