Baking Laboratory

The Baking Laboratory is designed for instructional purposes. Baking characteristics of the different wheat classes can be demonstrated in breads, cakes, and cookies. Equipment includes Hobart mixers, commercial size horizontal mixer, rounder, moulder, proof cabinets, electric ovens, gas oven with steam, and consumer breadmaking machines.

NCI’s Baking Laboratory is designed for demonstrating the baking characteristics of the various wheat classes through instructional courses. The addition of specialty ingredients can be demonstrated in pan breads, hearth breads, buns, cakes, cookies and other baked goods. The Laboratory is also available for product development, product testing and specialized training.

Bread Baking Equipment

• Hobart Dough Mixers – small to large bakery size

• Hobart Fermentation cabinets

• Moline Sheeter/Molder

• Rondo Dough Sheeter – for laminated and sheeted doughs

• Hobart Double Deck Ovens – with steam

• Baxter Revolving Dough Baking Oven – convection and steam injection

• Bread Loaf Slicer

• Oliver Bun Slicer

• Delfield ConvoChill Blast Freezer

• ProProcess DoughPro Tortilla Press

• Hobart Deep Fryer

Product Analysis Equipment

• Calibre C-Cell: Baked Product Imaging System

• Texture Systems TA-XT2 Texture Analyzer

• Rapeseed Displacement for Loaf Volume

• Minolta Colorimeter identifies color scores for baked goods

• Texture Technologies Volscan Profiler 600 for Loaf Volume