Feed Production Center

NCI's Feed Production Center serves as an educational and technical assistance center specializing in feedmill management and feed manufacturing technology for international and domestic clientele. The Feed Center received a complete equipment renovation in 2014.  Facilities include a twenty seat classroom, quality assurance lab, lobby, and general reception room. Daily production capacity is 60 tons of meal feed, or 24 tons of pelleted feed. Equipment includes a Repete computer control system, Bliss hammermill, Rosskamp two pair roller mill, and a California Pellet Mill with custom steam conditioner.

The NCI Feed Production Center had its beginnings in 1990 with the construction of the feedmill that was created and funded to be a platform for the education and hands-on training of domestic and international feed manufacturers and to provide feed for NDSU’s animal research units. We teach the various aspects of feed technology including pelleting, size reduction, mixing, and how to be more efficient producers of feed.