Pasta Processing Laboratory

The Pasta Processing Laboratory has a 100 kg/hour Demaco pasta extruder for demonstrating the impact of raw materials and processing conditions on end product quality. The computerized data collection system, controls and monitors enable regulation and observation of the critical variables in the process. The batch dryer is equipped with microprocessor controls to demonstrate both conventional and high temperature drying of long and short cut pasta.

The NCI Pasta Processing Laboratory is equipped to demonstrate the impact of raw materials and processing on end product quality for traditional pasta, ravioli and gluten-free pasta*. It is available for product development, process testing and training.

Pasta Production

• Demaco 100 kg/hr. continuous press

• Over 50 pasta dies available

• Can also have custom die made

• Short goods and long goods production

• Batch dryer ~ 100 kg capacity

• High temperature drying profile

• Conventional drying profile

Filled Pasta Production

• Ravioli production available

• 12 cubic foot blast freezer for IQF frozen products Gluten-Free Pasta Production*

• Using precooked flours

• Steam & hot water addition available

(* Not gluten-free facility)