Participants from Four Countries Complete Pasta Production and Technology Course

Group Photo - 2019 Pasta Production and Technology.jpg

The Northern Crops Institute hosted a Pasta Production and Technology Course on April 30-May 2, 2019.

This course introduced participants to the fundamental and applied aspects of pasta production and quality through lectures, laboratory demonstrations and hands-on processing in NCI’s pilot-scale pasta processing laboratory. Grain and ingredient quality, specifications and processing variables and their impact on final pasta product quality were presented in detail.  The course focused primarily on traditional dry durum-based pasta; however, non-traditional ingredients and fresh pasta were also covered through lectures and demonstrations.

During the course, participants:

  • Learned from industry professionals about the fundamentals of pasta production, quality assurance, die manufacturing and maintenance

  • Gained important understanding of ingredient quality and how it impacts pasta processing and quality

  • Learned how to evaluate the quality of durum wheat, semolina, and pasta

  • Participated in the hands-on processing of pasta in NCI’s pilot-scale processing laboratory

  • Experienced the commercial production of pasta with a field-trip to a state-of-the-art pasta manufacturing plant

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