U.S. Dry Bean Council Seminars

Thunyaporn Naggie Jeradechachai, NCI Crop Quality Specialist, traveled to Thailand, Philippines and Malaysia to present seminars for the U.S. Dry Bean Council (USDBC) in June. The project was organized by Agrisource, the SE Asia representative of USDBC. They visited 9 canning companies in the SE Asia region, met with 20 companies in total to provide technical consultation, and gave seminar presentations on U.S. dry bean and meat canning. Jeradechachai provided information on types of U.S. beans and applications, dry bean nutrition, and FAQ on dry bean storage and canning characteristics. The purpose of the trip is to increase usage of U.S. dry beans in canning applications in that part of the world, and to provide technical service by answering the questions that they have regarding to U.S. crops.