South Dakota Wheat Commission

South Dakota Wheat Resource Act enacted by the 1961 Legislature states, "to protect and foster the health, prosperity and general welfare of its people by protecting and stabilizing the wheat industry and the economy of the areas producing wheat," requires the establishment of a state wheat commission for the purpose of discovery, promotion, and the development of markets and industries for the utilization of wheat (SDCL 38-10-01. Legislative intent.)

MISSION STATEMENT:  The South Dakota Wheat Commission's mission statement is to stabilize and improve South Dakota's wheat industry through research, market development and education.

  • Export Market Development - Through U.S. Wheat Associates, the Commission cooperates with 15 other states and the Foreign Ag Service to promote U.S. wheat in over 100 countries around the world.
  • Research - Higher yielding, better quality disease resistant varieties allow farmers to produce more and higher quality wheat.
  • Domestic Promotion - Convincing U.S. consumers to eat more wheat foods because of their health benefits, variety and convenience, is increasing consumption each year.