North Dakota Barley Council

The North Dakota Barley Council was created by the 1983 North Dakota Legislature.  Funded by a check-off of one cent per bushel on barley sales from 1983-2009 and a check-off of two cents per bushel on barley sales from 2009 to present, the Council supports research and development for new barley varieties, provides education and trade support to potential buyers, and seeks new opportunities to expand barley utilization in malting, livestock, and human food consumption.

Barley producers in each of North Dakota’s 53 counties elect a county representative.  The county representatives from each district elect a director for that district from the county representatives.  The director represents the county representatives and the barley producers of that district on the board of directors of the Barley Council.

Administration of Council directives and activities is conducted by a staff of professionals that work with the Council.  The main office for the North Dakota Barley Council is located in West Fargo, North Dakota.