Montana Wheat and Barley Committee

The Montana Wheat and Barley Committee (MWBC) is the producer-funded and directed checkoff organization for wheat and barley growers in the state. The MWBC is attached to the Montana Department of Agriculture for administrative purposes.

The Montana State Legislature appropriates the funds budgeted by the 7 MWBC directors. The Committee, by mandate of state statute, is supported exclusively by a self-assessment which producers pay on the sale of their wheat and barley to fund foreign and domestic marketing development and research programs.

Wheat and barley are the principal grain crops produced in Montana, and are agricultural resources of the first magnitude in the economy of the state. These commodities enter a domestic and world market that is highly competitive.

It is the mission of the MWBC to protect and foster the health and prosperity of the Montana wheat and barley industry by:

  • Encouraging scientific research to improve production and quality
  • Maintaining current markets
  • Promoting new market development
  • Serving as an educational and informational resource