Minnesota Corn Growers Association

When a small group of Minnesota farmers got together in 1978 to create the Minnesota Corn Growers Association (MCGA), there was no ethanol industry; there was no check-off fund to pay for research and promotion of corn-based products. No corn fructose sweetener or corn-based plastics and textiles. There was scant representation of the farmer's viewpoint in St. Paul and Washington.

Founded in 1978, Minnesota Corn Growers Association celebrates 30 years of service to the farming community of Minnesota. The members of MCGA have had many accomplishments over the past 30 years. With the passage of the corn check-off, corn farmers gave themselves a way of investing their own money into their own future. Working closely with the Minnesota Corn Research and Promotion Council, the MCGA has been able to fund valuable research projects, investigate new uses for corn and support the development of rural leaders through programs such as MARL.

Strength in unity was one of the original reasons for the founding of the Minnesota Corn Growers Association. Since then, the idea that all Minnesota farmers -- not just corn farmers -- must stick together in order to survive and thrive is more important than ever. As the Minnesota Corn Growers Association celebrates 30 years of service, we know that we must work harder than ever to support our goals and the goals of the entire Minnesota agricultural community.