In the United States SORGHUM, also known as MILO, is primarily grown as a feed grain for local use or for export. Worldwide, sorghum is an important food crop often eaten as meal or in flat breads. It is also used for malted beverages and specialty foods such as popped grain and beer. Syrups with strong flavor and dark color are made from sweet sorghum. It can also be utilized for building material, fencing, and for brooms. Recent developments in sorghum hybrids have significantly improved properties for use in food, industrial and feed applications. These hybrids produce grain with a light color and bland flavor that can be used in a wide variety of food products. Meals and grits can be extruded into a variety of snack and breakfast foods with a unique bland flavor. Waxy hybrid sorghums have unique properties for processing. They can be micronized to produce flakes with excellent properties for granolas, granola bars and other ready to eat breakfast cereals. They expand greatly during extrusion and decrease the run off time during brewing.