Northern Crops Council

The Northern Crops Council (NCC) is the statutory governing board of the Northern Crops Institute. Members represent commodity organizations, state government, and private industry. The Council sets policy and is responsible for working with the staff in long-range planning.


Karolyn Zurn  
MN Soybean Growers Assn.



Keith Peltier
Vice Chair



James Aarsvold
North Dakota Corn Growers



Beau Anderson
Northern Pulse Growers Association

No Photo Available



John Bartsch
Dry Bean Producer



Dean Bresciani, Ph.D.
President (permanent)
North Dakota State University



Anthony Chavez
Buhler Sortex Inc.



Chet Edinger
SD Wheat Commission



Doug Goehring
Commissioner of Agriculture (permanent)
ND Department of Agriculture



Ken Grafton, Ph.D.
VP for Agricultural Affairs
North Dakota State University
(President’s Designee)


Roger Hipwell
MGI Grain Processing LLC



Dave Katzke
General Mills



Greg Kessel
ND Barley Council (permanent)




Milo “Buzz” Mattelin
MT Wheat & Barley Committee



Perry Ostmo
ND Soybean Council (permanent)


Greg Svenningsen
ND Wheat Commission (permanent)


Arnold Woodbury
ND Oilseed Council (Permanent)