Quality is Focus of NCI Wheat and Flour Quality Course

June 16, 2010

For Immediate Release

Quality is Focus of NCI Wheat and Flour Quality Course

Fargo, N.D., USA Fourteen participants from Brazil, Japan, Taiwan, and U.S. are learning more about how wheat type and quality affects the milling and baking processes as they attend the Basics of Wheat and Flour Quality Short Course.  The course is offered by Northern Crops Institute, Fargo, N.D., June 15-17.

This years course has attracted participants from the U.S. and overseas, says Brian Sorenson, NCI Director.  A five-member delegation from Taiwan is attending the course, sponsored by U.S. Wheat Associates.  Mr. Ron Lu, Country Director for U.S. Wheat Associates Taiwan, is escorting the group.

Its exciting to have them here because its another opportunity for us to showcase the quality of our crops, especially the Hard Red Spring and Durum wheat that we produce in this region, and help them understand more about how our wheat is analyzed for quality, both kernel quality and grading factors, as well as the flour and baking qualities, concludes Sorenson.

Faculty and guest speakers include Brian Sorenson, NCI Director; Mehmet Tulbek, Ph.D., NCI Technical Director; Rachel Brudvik, NCI Food Technologist; Thunyaporn Jeradechachai, NCI Crop Quality Specialist; Rilie Morgan, NCI Processing Specialist; Aytun Erdentug, Branscan Ltd.; Robert Meyer, Dakota Specialty Milling; and Jason Romberg, Lab Synergy.  John Crabtree, NCI Assistant Director, coordinates NCIs education programs.

The group will participate in lectures and hands-on baking, as well as laboratory and milling demonstrations.  Speakers will demonstrate Flourscan technology, dumatherm protein analysis, TA-XT Plus and C-Cell Technology, in addition to traditional testing technology.
Course topics include factors that define wheat and flour quality, U.S. wheat classes, quality tests and procedures, impact of milling on flour quality, role of protein and starch in flour based products, dough rheology, baking performance using whole wheat flour, semolina requirements for pasta products, functional ingredients in flour and flour based products, baking technology, mixing, fermentation, and baking processes, and bread quality evaluation.